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An interactive dog toy that dispenses a pup's kibble

An easy way to get rid of unwanted energy in any dog

Instead of feeding my dogs in a boring bowl on the ground, I use the Starmark Bob-A-Lot. This toy is great as it can burn some of your pup's mental energy while using their natural foraging skills.

Here are my recommendations, top tips, and tricks about this dog enrichment toy.

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Easy to use & dogs love it

After a pooch learns how to use the bob-a-lot they get excited to use it! The bob-a-lot has a super neat weight on it that allows it to self upright after a pooch moves it around making it fun and interactive.

Supervised Only

This toy, like most others, should only be used while supervised. Some dogs like to pick it up and throw it around. Once the food runs out some dogs want to chew on the toy, and this should be prevented. Take away the toy as soon as the kibble runs out. This toy can be noisy with some dogs as they throw it around and it hits the walls.

Help your dog

Some dogs don't understand what to do. You can help them understand how to toy works by making it move and drop kibble on the ground. This toy allows you to adjust the difficulty of the toy. If your pooch is just starting out make it easier for them by opening this fully.

Mental enrichment

This toy makes your puppy think in order to get their kibble which can help to decrease problem behaviors. Use this toy in addition to your standard training for the best success.

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